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Memoirs of the Lost


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April Horinek


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So...several things haver changed, due to time constraints.  I think that it works just as well!  Still tweaking with some things, but here is what we have so far...

Be on the look out for some vignettes...

Oh, background ties are love!  :)

Real Name: Jocelyn Marie Wright

Current name: Captain Jocelyn

Nicknames: Joss, Sprout, Lyn, Captain


Seeming: Elemental

Kith: Waterborn

Court: Summer

Virtue: Charity

Vice: Wrath


Concept: Finder of lost dreams, Purveyor of needed items, Pirate Queen, Unmovable Rock, Ocassional Hedge Diver, Transporter of People and other Items desired by the Fae

Inspirations: Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Snow, Wendy


Connections wanted:

Husband – lost several years ago, and possibly returned (or maybe never really taken again, whatever you want).  Jocelyn will have no recollection of him.

A happily married Changeling couple who would have been willing to have a child.

Any Changelings who she may have fished out of the Hedge

Any Changelings who she may have found and returned to their Keepers

Any Changelings who she may have transported something/someone for

Anyone interested in being part of her motley, or former members of the motley – they spent copious amounts of time bringing lost back and helping get them set up on normal every day life.



Brief Timeline – before the Capture:

(There will be fiction to go along with much of this, but this is a brief idea of what she has done, and where she has been.)

1933 – Born in Bangor, Maine to Lesley (works as a Laundress) and James Wright (works as a fisherman, spends weeks at a time at sea)


1934 – Lesley demands that James quit his job as a fisherman.  He explains to her that he adores what he does, and he loves the sea, and that he will not quit the job.  He leaves for a run, and when he returns, his wife and young daughter have vanished.  All of his attempts to find them fail, and he gives them up for lost.


1938 – Joss begins asking about her father.  Lesley explains to her daughter that he died when she was very young.


1939 – Joss begins kindergarten, and shows immediately that she is well ahead of her class.  She reads whenever he mother will allow her.


1940 – Joss begins to show an almost frightening attraction to High Fantasy novels, especially those involving the sea or pirates.  Lesley is more then a little disturbed by this trend, and attempts to keep the books from her daughter.  Joss does not quit reading them, but rather hides the fact.


1940 – 1943 – Joss continues to show her acumen in the classroom.  She shows herself to be intelligent and creative – a fact that often gets her in trouble.  She continues to read her fantasy novels in secret, and somewhere deep down – she believes that her father is alive and well, waiting for her to find him.


1943 – Lesley begins to grow quite ill.  The family is unable to afford health care for her, and she quickly deteriorates.  The cancer quickly claims her body.  While she is on her death bed, she confides in Joss what really happened with her father.  Jocelyn is furious with her mother, despite the women’s advanced illness.  Joss knows that after Lesley’s death, she will be forced to live in foster care.  Mere hours after her mother passes away, Joss has slipped off into the night.  She has cut her hair and put on clothes she stole from a neighboring house, she has all of the money she had saved for new clothes for school, and she has a picture of her mother in a small golden locket.


Winter 1943 – Joss travels towards Bangor, encountering various issues along the way.  As winter begins to hit, she is forced to find a place to spend the winter.  She finds a kind family living in Virginia, and she begs them to allow her to stay for the duration of the winter; promising to help with the farm work if they’ll just let her stay in the barn.  The family takes a liking to her, and the mother allows her to stay – Joss reminds her of her youngest sister who had passed away mere months earlier.  Joss is happier here then she has been in a very long time, and she finds a kindred soul in the families son.  The boy is about her age, and in his free time, adores the same fantasy novels that Joss does. 


Spring 1944 – Joss bids the family that adopted her goodbye.  Despite their desire for her to stay, she feels the need to find her father.  She leaves 2 weeks before her 11th birthday, determined to find him before then.  Joss arrives 2 days before her birthday, incredibly excited to finally be finding her father.  She spends much time listening and watching, gathering information about her father.  She shows up on his doorstep the evening of her birthday, and is relieved to find he welcomes her with open arms.


1944-1946 – Jocelyn learns everything she can from her father about fishing and sailing.  She finds that she is a natural on the open sea, and he often calls her ‘Sprout’.  She is welcomed on the docks by many of the man, and seems to be like a second daughter or a neice to all of them.  They are all more then willing to show her the ropes and teach her.  Her love of the sea, and her natural ability, makes her a darling among the fishermen of the small costal village.


1946 – James is sent out on the last run of the season.  Joss begs to go along with him, as she has many times in the past.  He refuses to allow her to go, citing the fact that it would be a dangerous run.  Joss is devastated, but finally agrees to stay behind.  Once the ship is a week late returning, Joss begins to worry about her father.  The rest of the crew finally comes limping back into harbor, only to reveal they lost approximately half of the crew – including James.  Joss debates running, but is convinced to stay in the village for the time being, and she is given a job helping on the ship that her father once commanded.


1946-1948 – Joss proves that she is her fathers daughter.  She is quick and intelligent, and almost frighteningly good at what she does.  Despite her age (and the fact that she is a woman) she begins to command great respect from the men around her.  Every time she is at sea, she searches for her father, though it is always in vain.  And every time she is at sea, she surreptitiously throws a bottle with a small note over board, in hopes that it will find her father somewhere.


1948 – The people around her protect her, ensuring that the state does not try to put her into foster care for example.  On a soft fall evening, Joss hears something outside.  It sounds like her father, and in her mind, she is convinced that he is alive and well.  She is coaxed into Arcadia by a Fae, where she is captured and stolen away to a castle beneath the sea.


In Arcadia:

Joss is quickly filled in on where she is, and what her duty in life is.  She is told that her Keeper is a bounty hunter, and he is hired to hunt down Changelings who have escaped from their keepers.  Joss is given a choice – she can join him in the hunt, working the seas of the hedge, finding errant Changelings and returning them to their keepers.  Or, she will remain inside his castle – always watching the sea around her and never being allowed to experience what she loves.  She chooses the sea, and she becomes a hunter.


Time moved slowly in Arcadia, and Joss quickly learned.  It was not long before her Keeper began to trust her enough that he gave her the ship on her own, and sent her to do his dirty work.  Of course, she had hands on the ship that were intended to keep an eye on the Changelings there.  The crew, however, was mostly comprised of other Changelings.


Joss did not kill Changelings that she found, rather she subdued them and brought them back to her Keeper.  Her Keeper would then give them to their keeper – to do with as they saw fit.


After several years, Jocelyn was sent with the ship to bring back a Changeling who she knew had escaped many times.  When she found him, she was shocked to discover that the Ogre she found was her father.  She took him back to the Keeper, as she knew that she had no choice.  After turning him over, she overheard a conversation between her Keepers and her fathers Keeper, where her fathers Keeper discussed killing the Changeling who had given him no end of grief.  Joss could not allow this to happen, and she attempted to assist her father in breaking out.  He was able to escape, but she was caught in the process.


Holding to his promise, her Keeper punished her.  She was given a cell where she was able to constantly see the ocean, hear the ocean, and smell the ocean – but could never be there.  It was a horrible existence for one who had learned to rely on the ocean. 


She awoke one morning to find herself floating on a bed of kelp.  To this day, she has no idea what occurred to allow for her escape.  Her best belief is that there was a coup in the castle by the sea, and by sheer luck she survived.  As anyone in that situation would do, she ran…


Promptly into a group of Changelings prowling the hedge.  Her first reaction was to fight them, believing that they were hounds intending to return her to her Keeper.  Eventually, they convinced her that they were not there to return her anywhere but to her home…  They brought her safely back through the hedge, into a world vastly different then the one she’d left.



After the Return: 

1998 - Jocelyn found her way back to the real world in San Francisco in 1998.  She appeared to only be 20 years old, though she had been gone for 50 years.  The group that found her explained that they were dedicated to find Changelings and helping them find their way home.  She was broken and terrified, but the group was kind and helped her adjust to the world around her.  She traveled with them to Maine to see what had happened to her.  She had been deemed a runaway, though there were a few who still remembered her and her father.


1998 – Joss begins to build a shipping company out of San Francisco.  She uses this is a front to both help find Lost who have stumbled through the hedge, and give them assistance with moving to where they need to go.  She eventually expands the shipping company from pure ocean shipping to truck and train and cargo plane.


1999 – Jocelyn remained with the Motley that found her, clinging to the friends she had found.  She assisted them when she went looking for new Changelings, and slowly she began to fall in love with one of them.  (This is open to character tie…want to play my pc’s tragic love?)  Eventually, the two entered into a hesitant relationship, both of them terrified of both the future and their pasts.


2002 – Husband is taken when the motley goes into the Hedge.  They are ambushed by Gentry, and he is taken when he puts himself in their path – sacrificing himself and forcing her to escape.


2003 – Joss maintains the shipping company, and it becomes a successful front for the Lost Railroad.  She proves to be quite the business woman, building allies and contacts throughout the country.  Joins the Summer Court.


2004 – Joss gives up memories of her one True Love in order to purchase a human infant who was to be sold as a slave.  She has no memories of her husband, aside from a vague scent that haunts her dreams.


2005 – Joss sets her new headquarters in Colorado Springs, purchasing a home near Garden of the Gods.  She often wanders along the hedge, watching for Lost to stumble out.


2007 -  Jocelyn is a well known member of the Summer Court in Colorado.  She is known for being dependable in any situation.  Her time is spent rescuing people who are floundering in the hedge, finding Lost who have come home and setting them on the right path, and monitoring the Goblin Markets, watching for signs of the Gentry.  She has a huge heart for any innocent, and any Lost – however angering her will only end in tears.  She has a vehement hatred of the Gentry, however she prefers to hurt them by taking away as many of their slaves as possible…

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